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If you enjoy, you will also love playing the new 2 Multiplayer! Start drawing and mapping out new territories, and conquer as many areas as you can to win the game. Of course, expanding and conquering territories is not just the main focus of this game – you have to protect them too! So watch your back, because your enemies can bump anytime, conquer your own territories, and even defeat you in the game.


Create Strategies to Conquer Many Territories and Win 2 Multiplayer is not merely an adventure game, you need a strategy to win it too! The aim of the game is to map out your territory and expand it as much as possible. If you are looking for basic tips – you are in the right place!

When you start the game, you don’t have to go too far. Once you are given your unique-colored cube, all you have to do is go in circles to expand your starting area. Your area will have the same color as your cube to make it easy to track down your progress in the game.

Just travel in a circular motion to cover an empty area then go back and touch your territory to get that covered. You will notice that your area will expand as you cover up more spaces. You can also see different-colored areas, these are the areas of your enemies!

Other players go by different colors and if you can see that their territory is also getting bigger, don’t worry! You can always say dibs on your enemy’s territory – but you have to tread carefully. Travel and conquer slowly but surely to avoid the enemies that are also going around in the game.

Just go in circular motions to cover the enemy’s territory, then touch a part of your territory to make it your own. Make sure that the enemy won’t catch you sneaking inside! Or else, it will be game over for you.


How to Protect Your Territory 2 is not just about mapping and expanding your territory, it is also about protecting it too! While you can say dibs on your enemy’s territory, your enemies can also sneak in and say dibs on your territory too if you are not careful!  So how do you do this? How can you protect all sides of your territory?

In this game, you cannot recruit troops and armies that can guard your kingdom for you. So what you should do is to manually go around your territory to personally patrol it! Yes, you have to stay on the edges to look out and protect your rightful place. When an enemy gets close, you can smash them and reclaim their area as your very own!

Paper io 2 multiplayer game allows you to connect with many other players from different parts of the world in real-time. Once you start playing, you will go and join a massive multiplayer field with brightly-colored land areas and cubes (which represents other players).

Rankings are updated based on who owns the most massive tract of territory in the ongoing game. Play with Paper io real players that are as competitive as you are! Conquer and dominate your way in the world rankings and be the biggest landowner in the game.


Enjoy A Smooth Paper Drawing Game Experience

Paper io 2 for free is a multiplayer game, but due to its simple gameplay and design – it is very friendly for all types of devices! Unlike other multiplayer online games, it does not need heavy graphics and storage to work. Players will enjoy a smooth and unique paper game that is also very challenging and fun at the same time.

You can enjoy hours of endless Paper io 2 multiplayer fun on your device! The game does not end until you get killed (or defeated) in the game – and that only happens if another player smashes you and steals your territory. So as long as you are careful and if you have a good strategy in place, then you can play the game for as long as you can!


Download Paper io 2 Free on PC! 

If you think 2 is just for mobile devices, then that’s where you are wrong! Now you can download Paper io online 2 for PC and play the game from a bigger and better screen. You can also control the game better through the PC. If your mobile device is already wonky and the touch screen is not working properly, playing Paper io 2 for free on PC can help you perform better in the game. Since you can control your cube more accurately and carefully, there is a better chance to strategize and conquer more lands while you protect yourself from enemies!


Game Features

  • Enjoy a Unique Multiplayer Online Game
  • Expand, Conquer, and Protect your Territory!
  • Strategize to Beat Competitors
  • Dominate the Global Rankings
  • Free to Play 2D Adventure Game!

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Play 2 on PC & Mac FREE Now | Experience a Unique Paper Game!